Tensing Up

pasttenseThere have been times in my life when I’ve struggled with anxiety. Yes, even we Glittery Sparkly Awesome Delicious people struggle with such things. It’s totes normal, guys.

I had a horrible week. I was laid off, I broke up with my boy toy, I had lost all interest in the newest season of Lost. Even worse, I was about to pay a massive health care bill, I knew I needed to look for jobs, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to live in my apartment any more. I sat in Starbucks, trying to enjoy my Strawberries and Cream Mocha with Frappuccino chips, but instead just feeling really tense. Then I realized-

Tension wasn’t the root of my problems. I was dwelling on the past- or the future. I was living in the past or future tense. And that’s not living at all.

You can be more positive now! You can’t be more positive back then. You can plan to be positive in the future, but what’s all that business about mice and men?

What we all need is to turn that untimely tension into something that’s now– start living in the present tense.

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I type and sit while thinking about the implications of only being alive in the present tense. I am enjoying my Mocha Frappuccino. I am enjoying the air conditioning. I am getting up to drink in the sunshine.

Peace and Progress,



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