Coffee and Awesome

All of us struggle with feeling tired. You, me, that girl in the sparkly yoga pants, all of us.

But who really wants to be tired? There’s so much life out there to experience. Exhaustion makes us feel unworthy and small.

I, too, struggled with tiredness.

You know what, cupcake? You’re better than that. You deserve more. You deserve… adrenaline.

This was me in the morning:

Photo on 6-19-13 at 12.16 PM

It wasn’t pretty.

So how can we solve this problem plaguing all of us? When what I really want to do is live, how can I get past that critical 9:30am meltdown? After all, you come first.

Allowing yourself to not feel sleepy anymore, to feel a thrill at the sunrise, to revel in the first email of the day is a gift you deserve.

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The solution was easier and harder than you thought….


Yes, coffee will solve those sleepy morning blues. Just look at the results.

Photo on 6-19-13 at 12.17 PM #2

Only a matter of minutes later, I’m ready to give this day a kick in the pants.

You can do it, precious. That coffee shop is minutes away. Remember to put you first.




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