Success Is 50% Closer Than You Think

PERFECTIONHave you ever seen a bumper sticker that changed your life?

I have.

This car climbed Mt. Washington.

A few weeks ago, I went on a hiking trip with some of my besties. I was driving up Mt. Washington and, boy, was it a hike. Halfway up, the sun burst through the clouds, and I was privileged to have my breath taken away by one of the most spectacular views I’ve ever seen.

Then I realized: That stolen breath ain’t coming back, and I’m not feeling so good.

My heart couldn’t wait to hop back into the car and scale the rest of Mt. Washington, but my stomach was saying “no way, Josephina.” In that moment I felt like such a failure. Why me? I’ve always been the brave one.

Then I realized- I’d already done more than most people will ever accomplish in a lifetime.

Why is it exactly that optimists are people whose glasses are only half full?

It’s time we stopped beating ourselves up and see the truth: 50% is 50% more than 0%.

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People sometimes only make it halfway through that burger. Maybe they only run half a marathon. They only fly halfway around the world. And if they flew 100% of the way… they would end up where they started.

Sometimes? Halfway is exactly where you need to be.

Halfheartedly yours,


P.S. A special sweet for all of you cuties:

Join the anti-perfectionist sisterhood. Purchase a “This car climbed halfway up Mt. Washington” bumper sticker. (Coming soon!)


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