5 Reasons Seasons Are Good for You

seasonsThere’s definitely  change in the air. A hot, sultry sweetness that melts through your t-shirts and creeps up the back of your neck. A buzzing in  your ears that ain’t just from the mosquitos. Summer has settled in, and it’s here to stay… or is it?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how things have changed in the last few months. And no, it isn’t  just the weather. All that sweaty stickiness has crawled its way into my heart.

A change in the seasons is the perfect time to make a change in priorities.

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So why should you be taking advantage of the transition to summer summer summertime?

Read on to find out!

Top Five Reasons Why Seasons Are Good For You

1. Wardrobe

Change in the seasons = change in your wardrobe = chance to create a life that’s yours. Sales, sales, sales, guys. Break out those credit cards and embrace this opportunity to make yourself visually stunning- not that you weren’t already, you saucy little cupcake.

2. Choosing Yourself

Find support and walk forward along this crazy path of life. Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean you’re not still the most smokin’ thing around. Every time there’s a change in the weather, you have an opportunity to change your attitude and put yourself first. I also recommend choosing air conditioning.

3. Coffee

Uh, HELLO? Every change in the weather brings  a sassy new coffee drink to light. Get yourself over to Starbucks and try that iced caramel macchiato. Upside down is best. The more caffeine you ingest, the less tired you’ll feel. Don’t let that hot weather put the best part of you in the corner.

4. Yoga

When it’s hot and sweaty out, you don’t have that excuse to keep you from the gym. Get over there, girl.

5. Authenticity

Seasonal changes remind us that whatever excuses we’re making are just facades. Just as we can’t stop the changes in the weather, we can’t stop ourselves from changing and evolving. Admit that it’s raining. Admit that you don’t want to get off the internet. Show the world your true self.

You can do it. Down that espresso, grab your umbrella, and find some AC.

Believe in the beauty of yourself and your selfless beauty,



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